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Our Story

How it all started...

Bennett’s Temple’s starting point was traced back to 1949 when the name was “Pie Corner Pentecostal”. Some accounts of the early origin of this church were traced as far back as the 1940s in what started out as humble beginnings, with meetings held at the homes of Sis Harper and Mother Butcher at Coconut Hall, St. Lucy. Later the mainly elderly congregation gathered at Mother Leslie’s home in Pie Corner under the leadership of Bishop Allan Beckles and Pastor Alfred.

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Expanding the vision...

A small wooden structure was erected to accommodate the members who came over from Mother Leslie’s house. The services held by this small but “lively” congregation attracted many of the youth from the area who would gather around the windows to get a glimpse of the mainly elderly members worshipping in the “Spirit”.

It was in the late 1950’s when Mother Bennett from the United Holy Church of America in the USA visited the Pie Corner Pentecostal Church with Bishop Harry Gentiles and during that visit, she purchased the land on which the present church is located and gifted the land to the church. In 1958 the building was relocated to its present location and the name was changed to Bennett’s Temple in honor of Mother Bennett. During these years the church was led by Bro St. Claire Boyce, Pastor Taylor, Bro Alvin Phillips, Pastor Kenneth Harewood, Evangelist Shirley Boyce, Bishop St. Clair Howell, Elder York Lewis, Pastor Lenora Boyce and Elder Ronald Odle. It was under the leadership of Elder Ronald Odle, that the members and community of Pie Corner saw the erection of the new edifice which was dedicated in 2014.

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Where we are going...

The Bennett’s Temple Church is over 70 years old, by God’s favor, we have withstood the test of time. Over the decades, we have witnessed to many and have seen many lives transformed. On August 27th 2017, the mantle of leadership was passed from Elder Ronald Odle to Elder Rico Griffith, a visionary leader as Senior Pastor and his wife Sis Karin Griffith to carry the church into a new phase of ministry. With Elder Rico and Karin Griffith, we are looking ahead to a bright future of revival and a great passion to reach the community with the gospel expressed through love and care.

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